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Get involved and make an impact in this pivotal election.

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Make sure you and everyone you know is registered to vote and have a plan for voting early and safely. For help, visit or the Voter Assistance Hotline 833-336-8683.

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Join Doctors for Biden

Are you a nurse?

You're welcome to join us and Nurses for Biden too!

Lives and our future hang in the balance.
Let's have no regrets when all the votes have been counted.
Join us to get regular updates, an invitation to our Slack workspace, and invitations to voter outreach actions.  All health professionals are welcome.

Join the Conversation

Follow Doctors for Biden, share content, amplify our message, and recruit new members to the cause.


Hope for Health is a video project dedicated to sharing the stories of an America in crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. With your shared stories, we are working to convince people across the country to #VoteHealth for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Join our team of editors, writing coaches, and rapid-response specialists in submitting articles to major regional and national media channels. Write about emerging issues, new ideas, or letters to the editor and help move voters to #VoteHealth for Joe Biden.

Messages for Voters

Visit our Press page for op-eds and letters to the editor from our members!



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Show your commitment to our voting system and your solidarity with Doctors for Biden with an "I Voted" pofile pic.


Yard Sign

Show your support for Biden/Harris with a Doctors for Biden yard sign. Print with



Join Doctors for Biden and print out and share a video with your "Rally4Health" sign and hashtag on social media.

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