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Meet some new friends and help us GOTV. All are welcome!

Last Chance Phone Banks

In the final days of the election, one of the most important things we can do is to call voters. Sign up for as many shifts as you can. We'll provide you with training, support, good company, and a much most satisfying time than hitting refresh on the polls again.
For more ways to help, sign up for updates and visit our Action Center.

No upcoming events at the moment

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South Florida Phone Bank

Doctors for Biden has adopted the Biden campaign's South Florida operation to turn the crucial state of Florida blue three times a day, every day through Election Day. Email or text Jake Fein at or (305) 812-7668.

Past Event Highlights

  • October 22: Final Presidential Debate Rapid Response #VoteHealth

  • October 17: Doctors for Biden National Health Care Rally with events in Denver, Colorado; Boca Raton and Tampa Florida; Wilmington, North Carolina; Columbus, Cleveland, and Dayton, Ohio; Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Los Angeles, California, and Washington, DC.

  • October 7: Doctors for Biden fundraiser, "A Conversation with Doctors about Health Care in America" with former Secretary of Health and Human Services/Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Congresswoman Nurse Lauren Underwood, and physician congressional candidate Dr. Cameron Webb; Vice-Presidential Debate rapid response  

  • October 6: Special Session with Steve Jarding on "How we Win" 

  • September - October: Weekly National Membership Meetings and Phonebanks

  • September 29: Presidential Debate rapid response 


  • August 20: Democratic National Convention Watch and Social Media Party with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

  • August 19: Democratic National Convention Watch and Social Media Party with Dr. Don Berwick

  • May - August: Every other week, National Membership Meetings

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