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In the United States, Frank's team (nicknamed "The Forever Guys") is hired to assassinate two Filipino communists in the Philippine Islands, at the height of the Cold War. The mission goes awry, with one of the 'Forever Guys' wounded. In the east, Frank travels to the Soviet Union with the most ruthless member of his team, a rogue general who has been sent to murder Frank, but who has his own agenda. After Frank's team has killed most of their targets, the leader of the main communist party is left alive, which leads to a new mission. After Frank's team kills their first target in the Soviet Union, they are forced to flee the country, with a US intelligence agent, a deranged black-market arms dealer, a femme fatale who sends them on the dangerous mission of creating an international incident by killing the ex-Communist leader's son and two of the former president's advisors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the end of the story, Martin and the two surviving 'Forever Guys' decide that their next mission will be to kill the highest-ranking American in the Central Intelligence Agency, William Colby. References Category:2015 American novels Category:American spy novels Category:Novels about the Central Intelligence Agency Category:Novels set in Russia Category:Novels set in the Philippines Category:Novels set in France Category:Literature about African-American history Category:Literature by African-American womenRite of passage A rite of passage is an initiation process that occurs in a group or tribe which formalizes a person into adulthood. The word 'rite' means a solemn ceremony or formality. This kind of ritual is thought to act as a proxy for the adult responsibilities that the new member will be assuming, and the emotional aspects of learning about the social world. In some forms, the rite of passage includes a period of abject social humiliation; these are called maturae. The kinds of rites of passage that one might experience include (but are not limited to): Initiation into a secret society (e.g., Masonic Order) Initiation into a fraternal society (e.g., Fraternal Order of Eagles) Initiation into a religious order Initiation into a political party Initiation into a literary organization, such as a theater



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HD Online Player (The Transporter: Refueled (English) 5 Hindi 720p Download)
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