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Doctors for Biden is a grassroots, all-volunteer coalition of physicians, healthcare professionals and health advocates committed to advancing the health and ideals of America by uniting Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in restoring authentic, courageous, and competent leadership to the nation’s highest office. We stand at a critical moment. The COVID-19 pandemic lays bare the failures of Donald Trump to protect and advance the health of the nation.  America can and must do better for the millions of people who are struggling to hold onto their dreams and their health. This moment is ripe for a movement that catalyzes health professional energy toward a common purpose: voting out Donald Trump and voting in Joe Biden as President on November 3, 2020.


What we do

Doctors and other health care professionals have a powerful voice in this election year as the pandemic dominates the news and impacts every aspect of our lives in America.  We are sharing our stories and expertise with voters through social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), traditional media (op-eds and interviews with TV, radio, and print outlets), and directly with voters in swing states.  We are making sure that voters know how Trump's failures are affecting their health and lives and how Biden's leadership will improve lives and the health of the nation.

We welcome all our colleagues in healthcare to join us.  Your experiences and perspectives are as important in this fight are they are in our collective work to care for patients and the health of our communities.  We also invite members of the public and health advocates to join us by sharing our work and sharing your stories with us.


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